Handbags are a closet staple that every woman has and they are a great way to add some character to a look or an outfit. Bags are fun and it’s had to find a boring one. There are different types of bags that come in different shapes and sizes and have different uses. Yes, the general use of a bag is to carry your belongings but when it comes to fashion a handbag means and does so much more. It is a fashion statement and goes a long way in determining someone’s style. There are different styles of bags like the tote bag, the clutches, the Mini Clutches, the cross body bag, and the backpack etc. New styles are coming into the market every day along with new and improved ways of styling them. There are many colorful bags but for most,  it is difficult to wear a color every day, so you will inevitably resort to a black, brown or nude everyday bag — we all do. However every now and then it’s fun to buy a unique bag to carry on weekends or for fun once in a while occasions like weddings. Mini Clutches are an example of a bag that you can buy in a fun color for special occasions.

The Crossbody Bag

The cross body bags are the “everyday” handbag that you’re most likely to wear most, so while it may feel boring — it has to go with everything — make it special. Let this bag be the one you spend the most on. Go for luxury if you can afford it but don’t stress if you can. Hermès is obviously the ultimate choice, but perhaps not the most realistic as it is very expensive. Look for a bag by your favorite designer or brand and make sure it’s not an “it” bag… one that you’ve seen in every magazine or on the arms of all of your girlfriends. You want it to last, not look dated in a year’s time. You also need to make sure it is big enough to hold all your stuff and has a shoulder strap. Being dominated by your handbag isn’t chic, but being able to maneuver your way through the day with both hands definitely is.

Mini Clutches

If you only need a few essential items to get you through your day, then I recommend a mini clutch. With mini clutches, you don’t have to deal with aching shoulders as all you have to do is hold it in your arms or put it under your arm for a stylish look any time of the day. Nena and Co offers mini clutches that are unique and stylish and sourced from sustainable materials. The mini clutches are constructed using newly loomed artisan fabrics, custom created on a small-batch scale, ensuring attention to detail and quality of the highest standard. They are also handmade with intricate design details such as Genuine leather wristlet strap, Handwoven, artisan fabric body (varies in pattern), 100% cotton lining, Metal hardware, and Zip closure.

Bucket Bag

If you’re the type of girl who has tons of stuff to tote around but doesn’t want anyone to know it, this bag is for you. The bucket bag is a deceptively roomy bag. It can take all your stuff and still look small on your arm. This is another bag you should get in a neutral color that can go with any outfit except you’re feeling particularly adventurous. The bucket bag is also a good option of bag to have when you’re traveling because of how spacious it is.

Tote Bag

The tote is the best option if you like to throw everything thing in your bag and go. This style is also ideal for traveling, as it will fit your electronics, magazines, cardigan—you name it! Tip: if you prefer a day-to-night bag, a tote bag might not be the best choice, but we think everyone needs one in their collection for work and travel. The tote bag says a lot about a person and they come in different styles. Below are some different style totes and what they say about the person’s style The Creative Tote: The creative tote adds a whimsical feel to your outfit. It shows that you are creative and appreciate art. It’s a good way to show off the brand of an artist you love Fancy Tote:

A fancy polished tote is good for people who always use the bag and are always on the go. It keeps you looking good and fashionable while also being very functional in carrying all your junk

The Sporty Tote:

The sporty tote is good for when you are headed to the gym or when you are wearing an athleisure inspired outfit.

The Festival tote:

Festival season is always fun.music, fashion and hanging out with friends, what’s not to love. If you have yet to experience a festival, here’s out the first word of advice: don’t even think about bringing a huge bag with you. It will inevitably weigh you down and make it difficult to navigate the massive crowds, not to mention you really only need a small bag to hold all your festival necessities. You shouldn’t be bringing more than a few staples: sunscreen, lip balm, your phone, and maybe a snack all of which can easily fit into a tiny tote. Enter our favorite new festival trend. The miniature style couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. It’s weightless enough to feel like you’re barely wearing anything and it’ll stylishly fit all the basics you need to bring. Ahead, check out the bags we’ve been obsessing over this season.

Mini Bags 

One of the biggest summer trends this year is hands-down the mini bag. Known for being the cute, shrunken counterpart to the girl on-the-move, these tiny bags have become a major staple in many of our favorite A-listers’ arsenals. These itty-bitty bags provide a flare of whimsy and fun to any outfit — and pack a bigger fashion-forward punch than you might think. Whether you’re running errands, hitting the town, or everything in between, there is no occasion for which this micro accessory wouldn’t stand out. Beautifully impractical (I mean, where do you even fit your phone?) albeit unbearably cute, we’re taking a deep dive into how to wear these perfect for on-the-go bags, as well as what you can actually fit into them. From rocker to blogger, sporty to chic, no matter what your sartorial M.O., we’ve got you covered with the perfectly-curated mini bag you need to be carrying this season.