Stylish Baby Shoes Can Be A Great Deal For You

If you are just starting down this road of buying shoes for your baby, it is a long one, but one that is filled with creativity, uniqueness and then expertise. Stylish baby shoes are not all about being a celebrity or spending tons of money; you can do this on a budget and look like you broke the bank to do it.

Infant Shoes

Many parents don’t really buy shoes for infants because there is no real function other than to look good. Socks tend to be the first choice for the first few months after a baby is born and serves to keep the feet warm. An infant, as well as a baby, do not have the ability to regulate their systems like we can, thus it is easy for an infant to become cold or hot very quickly. Introducing a shoe may be too much for an infant in the middle of summer.

Baby Shoes

Stylish Baby ShoesThere are still many parents that refuse to buy shoes for a baby because a baby isn’t up walking around yet. However, other parents love this stage since the shoes won’t get dirty, are adorable and can provide a little bit of protection to the top of the foot as baby starts crawling around.
This is an individual type of decision, but just remember that a really tight fitting or rigid shoe can interrupt the natural development of a baby’s foot. Baby booties or soft-soled shoes are perfect for this time in life as they allow for flexibility with the toes and feet without the unyieldingness of what can be seen as grownup shoes.

Toddler Shoes

Stylish Baby ShoesInitially, you will want to stick with an unstructured or soft-soled shoe that has some sort of texturing on the bottom. This can be found with:

  • socks that have rubber dots or patterns on the bottom
  • leather shoes or moccasins where the leather acts as the texturing
  • soft-soled shoes, which is a very flexible and soft rubber

Toddlers are still working to understand how their foot works, how the toes act to help balance and thus need some sort of ability to feel the ground below but could use the extra help that a toddler-specific type of shoe can provide.

Hard-soled Shoes

Stylish Baby ShoesOnce your toddler has become very proficient in walking, usually is indicated by the want to run, hard-soled shoes can be perfect. These type of shoes look more like adult-type shoes, and begin to hold the foot more securely inside.

At all stages of shoe shopping it is extremely important that you make sure the shoes aren’t compressing the feet in any manner. The first few years of a child’s life their feet are growing rapidly, and you may be buying shoes every couple of months. This is all part of having children, and you should never compromise buying the next pair of shoes because they are too expensive. Foot health is part of your overall health, and nothing should infringe upon that.

Tips and Tricks

Stylish Baby ShoesNo matter what your preferences are for shoes, make sure that your child and/or children have some barefeet time. A baby needs the chance to bite on their toes because there begins to be a relation between all of the body parts and how they work together. Toddlers learn to understand balance and even the occasional bit of pain when they step on something or they stub their toes. Equally so with adults, pain is a reminder that helps us learn not to do something over and over because it doesn’t lead to anything productive.

You are the expert on your child and/or children. You know what is best, what works for them and when they are in trouble and need of help. Maybe having the most stylish baby shoes is not a top priority for you, but making sure necessities are met is definitely your focus. Remember that they won’t be in those stylish baby shoes for long, so if budgeting and money are worries for you, there is nothing wrong with putting off buying infant shoes and keep watch for when shoes should be introduced.